As of January 2010, such sub-groups listed below are engaging various kind of activities:
■Regional Study Groups
 Each group under a leader and assistant(s) are conducting a study meetings occasionally inviting lecturers or organizing original tours collaborating with the tourism offices stationing in Japan, thus enhancing mutual understanding and cooperation. Names of groups are as follows:
Germany; Switzerland; Italy; Spain; Egypt; Hong-kong-Macau; Republic of Korea; Canada; USA; Eastern Europe; Cuba; ANZ; South africa; Japan; Cina; Cambodia.
Hobby Groups
 Those enthusiasts try to study deeply in topics and themes closely related to the tourism, get together in the following 14 sub-groups ;
Photography; Tour Information; Ships and Vessels; Kaido(Old Trails); Aeroplanes; Arts and Travel; Horse-racing and Travel; Jazz; Railways; Cinema and Travel; .Women's Travel: Healing Travel..

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